Pouya Zehfroush

Software and Web Developer

I’m Pouya Zahrforoush, and I have been working on the implementation and development of web-based software for more than 14 years. From 2007 to 2017, I started designing websites by the DotNetNuke, and then, by focusing on the web content management system of WordPress and PrestaShop, I designed more than 80 websites and internal portals for private and public companies in Iran. Search engine optimization, specifying content strategy, design, and implementation of digital marketing campaigns are among the activities I did alongside designing websites. I was also the digital marketing manager for the representative office of the English Vitabiotics Company in Iran for two years.

In 2018, I became interested in data science and analysis. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Bi were the first software I started learning. In the last project conducted for the Vitabiotics Company, by creating a database for 24,000 pharmacies and 8,000 physicians and clinic managers and linking this database with sale reports of 11 distribution companies, we were able to create sales charts at different levels for the company.

In 2020, for deeper learning of data science and analysis, I started learning about PostgreSQL and MongoDB databases and Python programming language, and I intend to work in the field of data science in the coming years.

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+98 912 499 3162

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Excel
Adobe Photoshop
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